Club Matches

Welcome to  ITI’s “Club Match” page. From time to time, ITI will host a competitive pistol or combination Carbine/Pistol match.


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  • Cost is $25, due when you arrive on match day



DUTY GEAR – Must be the holster and weapon used “ON DUTY” as an “ACTIVE” member of an Law Enforcement Agency or “ACTIVE DUTY” Military. Lights and Lasers are permitted if thats what you carry.

USPSA style divisions will be recognized. (Open, Limited, Limited 10, Production, Single Stack, Revolver)


The intent of the ITI Tactical Carbine/Pistol Matches is to have the shooters use weapon systems which are either their duty weapons or weapons they have configured for self-defense. Not weapons built specifically for competitive shooting.

The Shooters Division will be based solely on the PRIMARY optic mounted on the carbine (optic mounted on the top of the receiver). Carbines may have two electronic sights mounted as long as only one sight is magnified for example; a Leupold Mark 6 and a secondary red dot can be mounted on the same carbine without effecting the shooters division.

NO LASER SIGHTS are allowed unless the shooter is an active LEO or Military using their duty weapons.

All carbines may have flashlights, suppressors, vertical fore-grips, bipods, handstops, etc… none of these types of items will affect the shooters division. No equipment may be added or removed from the weapon once the shooter fires their first stage, unless a piece of broken equipment presents a safety hazard. All carbines should have proper sling points should a stage or task require that the shooters weapon be slung.


Tactical Optics – Carbines with a magnified optics.

Tactical Irons – Carbines with a NON-magnified electronic sight, i.e., EoTech, Aimpoint Micro, etc.

Iron – Straight up old school iron sights.

Duty Gear – Active LEO’s and Military Personnel using their issued duty equipment.

Pistols – Must be able to be held inside a holster which will securely retain the firearm during vigorous movements. All pistols must be carried even if the stage does not require its use. ANY dropped pistol during the match, loaded or unloaded WILL result in a match DQ.



  • A combination  of Falling Steel and Paper will be used.
  • Steel must fall and paper is counted either (1) round per “A” Zone or (2) rounds anywhere on paper.
  • Scoring will be “Time Plus” with penalties

2016 Schedule:

All matches are tentative based on our training schedule. Please follow with the latest updates on our Facebook Page. We apologize for the inconsistent match schedule. We have a duty to provide our Military and Law Enforcement personnel with the highest level of training. Due to the increase in the amount of training, our matches have been put on hold.