Driving Courses

ITI DRIVER TRAININGCenterra-ITI offers customized Driver Training Courses to our Military, Law Enforcement, Security Companies, and certain Private Groups. Those courses go above and beyond the scope of training offered here. However, we do offer certain courses for responsible civilians to take. You must have either a US Learners Permit or Driver’s License to attend. Here are the courses for “Open Enrollment.”

If you have any questions about the following courses, please email our open enrollment coordinator Tim Peck .

Instinctive Driver

The instinctive driving course is designed to familiarize students with concepts and driver training at ITItechniques to help them avoid a crash or minimize the damage of an imminent collision. The emphasis of the course is to replace poor driving habits with good ones to become an instinctive driver. This will be explained through the proper use of your eyes, steering management, braking, both conventional and Anti Lock Brake System (ABS), interpreting vehicle language, managing sensory overload, effects of stress, and understanding the importance of the vehicle tires. Students who complete the course will have a better understanding of their capabilities and the capabilities of vehicles…. more info

Advanced Driver Education and Crash Avoidance (ADECA)

The Advanced Driver Training and Crash Avoidance course is designed specifically for ITI DRIVER TRAININGyoung drivers to help them prepare for real life experiences on the road. The course includes classroom instruction and hands on driving practicals. Instructors will provide students with the knowledge to become more instinctive drivers by introducing a more proactive skill set they can use behind the steering wheel. This course trains students to recognize all aspects of an emergent driving situation and execute safe, viable, and realistic driving options to avoid or mitigate a crash…. more info