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Counter-Terrorism - Securing Your World

Surveillance / Force Protection

Protective Service Operations

Centerra ITI provides executive protection courses to military, law enforcement and corporate security details. Our protective services courses allow students to learn the skills necessary to perform duties as a detail leader, shift leader, advance agent, limo driver, and chase car driver.

Courses cover the following: operations planning; site surveys; route selection and surveys; foot formations; motorcade planning and operations; arrivals and departures; attack on principal drills; logistics planning; firearms and driving skills; defensive tactics; TCCC medical training and AED/CPR certification.

Practical exercises are conducted throughout the course to allow the students to demonstrate their ability to execute protective service operations.

Surveillance and Counter Surveillance Training

Encompasses the art of discreet observation of an individual or group targeted for the purposes of intelligence collection. In this course, students will learn the aspects of surveillance to include area familiarization, communication, cover, and flow while always considering potential target actions. The course takes place in small, medium and large urban environments to allow for progression and testing of students' skills. Shorter drills and longer scenarios utilizing a cadre of role players help students refine their operational planning and execution of surveillance operations.

Surveillance Detection for Facilities

Encompasses an overall analysis of facility vulnerability and the employment of pro-active SD positions and operations. In this course, vulnerability is assessed from the perspective of the attacker to first understand what a potential threat sees and second to understand how an attacker may seek to exploit that vulnerability. Upon determining vulnerabilities that exist at critical facilities, students embark on operational planning classes and exercises that stress planning on what we know to be vulnerable from the attacker's perspective and operating on a whole different level of security that compliments existing security infrastructure and plans.

Surveillance Detection for Routine Travel

Surveillance Detection for Routine Travel encompasses an overall analysis of travel patterns for personnel and the recognition of predictable areas as a key to understanding routine travel security. In this course, students will learn to apply a universal approach to routine travel planning and understand where their vulnerabilities lay as well as understand where the weakness of hostile surveillance exists. Recognizing patterns leads travelers to understand where the hostile surveillance Red Zone exists. With this knowledge, the traveler can be better prepared to combat any adverse action through counter action pursuant to security awareness.

Avoid Counter Escape (ACE)

This course is designed to maximize your survivability in avoiding and/or escaping captivity. G4S International Training Inc. offers a One Day and a Three Day A.C.E. Course for individuals or groups who travel in less than favorable environments.

The courses are as follows:

The One Day A.C.E. Course is designed to familiarize students, International travelers, Personal security advisors and families with two of the most important areas of study, Hostage Survival and Security Awareness/Travel Pattern Analysis (TPA). These major principles and skill sets will allow the student to develop the necessary tools to avoid being captured in a hostile environment and if captured, to create a more conducive environment to enhance the will to survive and increase the potential opportunities for escape.

The Three day basic accelerator course is designed to train students in a multitude of principle based skill- sets. This will include but is not limited to; Hostage Survival, Security Awareness/Travel Pattern Analysis (TPA), Tradecraft, Cover Stories, Movement Techniques and Key Word Survival. These major principals and skill sets will allow the student to develop the necessary tools to avoid the possibility of being captured in a hostile environment, and if captured, to create a more favorable environment to enhance the will to survive and increase the potential opportunities for escape. Each day will end with an exercise and a final cumulative exercise will take place on the last day.

Fundamentals of Hostage Survival

A one day Abduction Prevention and Hostage Survival Course that provides the student with guidance, tactics and technique's on pre-travel planning, escape, evasion and surviving captivity. The course concept is built around a proven theory that, when applied, Travel Pattern Analysis, Surveillance Detection, and Attack Recognition & Response significantly increase a person's odds of avoiding an attack, or surviving if attacked. During this class students will learn to develop their own safety and security plan.